Fiduciaries: We hate to break it to you, but every advisor you ask in today’s world is going to tell you they are a fiduciary.  Wall St figured out a long time ago that first, people have the internet, and second, people love the word fiduciary.  They then built a business model that allows them to claim fiduciary status (a legal definition) while maintaining the old system of separating clients from their money as fast as possible.  Fortunately, there is an easy way to check the status of any investment advisor.  For us, fiduciary is not just a slogan; our business model guarantees we put your interests ahead of anything else.

Fee Only We probably have fewer clients than we could if we held to the industry standard of mush mouth sales talk. We may have fewer clients than we could, but they are certainly happier than clients that come to us from advisors where they were not getting (or paying) what they thought. Our clients that started with us well…they just got treated right, right from the start.

How do we get paid?  We are fee only investment advisors, meaning you pay a fee on your managed assets, and our fees are near the low point of the industry.  You will never pay commissions when securities are bought and sold.

Unfortunately, according to Fidelity Investment Advisors, 90% of the industry is “dual registered”, meaning they can legally claim to be a “fiduciary” but also make commissions from buying and selling investment products (don’t worry, they’ll charge a fee as well).  We cut Wall St out of the picture, which has a huge impact on your financial future.

Holistic:  We hate to break it to you, but if you took a risk tolerance questionnaire and handed the keys for your investments over to someone, you have a money manager, not a financial planner.  We take a holistic look at your financial life and plan for how to best grow, use, and pass on your wealth.

Do you have a plan for a 40% increase in taxes in the future?  What if capital gains are reclassified as income?  What if we get you all the way through retirement, but you and your spouse both have early onset Alzheimer’s?  Do you not only have the plan, but the correct tools to address the unique needs of your situation?

There is no rule that says the future must look like the past.  Your financial future is at stake, and you need a comprehensive plan, the tools to get you there, and a partner to help you along the way.

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