If you are a highly compensated employee, small business owner, or someone who has worked hard and is almost there, you deserve a plan tailored to you. Old school planning will achieve old school results.  With creative investment tools, and someone to put the puzzle together and keep it on track, your personalized financial plan can help you achieve your financial peace of mind.

Emerging Wealth: Whether it’s tech, aerospace, or owning your own business, working hard has paid off, and you are paid well.  Maybe you even met your spouse in an office romance and now you have the best kind of problem (“what do I do with this extra cash?”).  You (or both of you) are highly compensated employees.  You are paid well, but you also know money isn’t the goal, just a means to achieve a life well lived.

The truly wealthy (or just the truly prepared) in today’s world don’t just max out their 401k, do a “back door Roth”, and work until social security. With significant income comes significant opportunities to take your planning out of the box and to the next level.

Old school financial planning using outdated strategies and thinking isn’t going to cut it for you.  Without a plan to address the myriad threats of the modern economy, and the tools to protect your assets, your goals could take a serious hit from things like massive increases in taxation, unprecedented market volatility, and a lack of real asset diversification.

A unique, tailored plan using alternative investments and tools could mean a significant improvement in your financial outlook.  Grab a spot on the calendar below to chat for 15 minutes and see if we are a good fit.

Nearing the Goal line: It turns out everything you heard growing up about how fast time goes by was right.  You have done everything you were supposed to do, and the payoff for investing and saving is on the horizon.

How you plan for the next step, and managing your investments wisely, has never been more important.  Maybe everything keeps going the same direction (hopefully up), but a major hit now would cause major pain.  Maximizing your assets while minimizing loss, as well as things like social security and income planning can mean a major difference to your retirement lifestyle, and the legacy you leave behind.

The rules are different for you.  While your kids are talking to you about the latest crypto your risk to reward paradigm has shifted.  You know return of principal is much more important than return on principal and there isn’t a rule that says the market “always comes back”, and you don’t have the time to wait even if it does.  Let us help you plan the next step and click below to schedule a quick call.

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