What is Investment Management

When I ask people how they are invested most will reply that they took a risk tolerance test, and “their guy” bought them some mix of stocks and bonds. Almost all take pride in telling me they are “well diversified.”

I consider wealth management to be a strategic deployment of peoples’ assets across as many asset classes as are available to create the most robust, truly diversified financial plan we can manufacture. While bonds have historically provided a large piece of the diversification pie, there are other assets that can potentially provide much greater return, true non-correlation to stocks, and potentially more safety that a bond-based ETF or mutual fund.

Managing someone’s wealth means that all the variables; political risk, interest rate risk, current and future tax considerations, and myriad other risks are considered when allocating a client’s resources. A full picture portfolio with alternative assets, non-traditional investment, and the independent investment products that come through a truly independent investment advisory, can create a far superior allocation of available resources.

Finding a finical adviser who is a fiduciary, and who considers that word as a moral stricture, not just a marketing ploy, can mean the difference between a real, relaxed, secure financial future, and relying on traditional, old school planning rife with high commissions and fees.