What is Financial Planning

People often find themselves in unexpected circumstances that require financial advice. Everything from a young couple budgeting and deciding to buy a car, to an unexpected windfall transferring wealth that a client never imagined.

Whether the decision is large or small, a piece of good advice can make all the difference in the world. Because of the power of compounding interest (both for good, and bad) a little nudge in the right direction can mean a huge difference in a client’s trajectory towards financial security.

Typical financial planning areas usually follow a client’s life cycle. How do we begin growing a nest egg, establish financial roots in investments and real estate, and grow our earning potential? When couples have children college funding and securing their future become important. Clients generally earn more as they get older and we must transition to preserving what we have built and planning on how to maintain assets in volatile markets and retirement. Finally, many clients want to leave a legacy for their children, something that has major tax and legacy implications.

Establishing a relationship with an advisor you trust, an advisor who is a fiduciary and has the legal and business obligation to put your interests first, is one of the most important steps you can take in creating a financial plan and peace of mind.