The wrong SOCIAL SECURITY decision can cost you $100,000 or more!

For those nearing #retirement something to know about SOCIAL SECURITY:

Things that make you go 😨 😥
👉 On average, SS accounts for 30% of the elderly’s income
👉 An average married couple leaves over $250,000 🤑 on the table by making wrong filing decisions.
👉 A couple has up to 9,000 possible filing combinations.
👉 When you elect to take social security could almost double (or cost you half) of your benefit.

Moreover, when helping clients plan to MAXIMIZE their #socialsecurity we have to take into account things like:

1. Inflation
2. Longevity
3. Market volatility
4. Taxes (do you know how your SS is taxed?)
5. Liquidity
6. Mortality

The bottom line is there is a lot at stake in what a Boston University Economics Professor called “as complicated a fiscal system as is humanly possible to design.”