The TRUTH is you are saving into a JOINT retirement account (you and the IRS).

When you were little, did you think to yourself “one day, when I grow up, I cannot wait to share my retirement with the government?” 🤔

If you have a PRE TAX 401K/IRA/SEP/SIMPLE you may think you are saving for your retirement….you aren’t.

You have a JOINT RETIRMENT plan.

The two participants are:

1️⃣ You
2️⃣ The IRS

As a rule of thumb, in my practice when I am doing a #financialplan I tell my clients the following:

“The younger you are, and the more money you make, the more #taxfree assets you absolutely must have.”

This translates all the way to estate planning where I focus on converting taxable assets to tax free assets so that my clients don’t drop a tax bomb 💣 into their kids’ lives when they pass on.

2 main questions:

1️⃣ Given the below look at taxes and national debt, where do you think income taxes are going in the future?
2️⃣ What are you dong to protect your hard earned $ from the tax man (and no, a Roth/Roth conversions are not enough.)

#Taxfree for life is a strong motto, unfortunately old school financial planning tells people to “max out your 401k, buy, hold, it’ll all be alright.”

Just my $.02 (both cents are mine because they are in tax free investments)😉.

How do you create tax free assets in your financial plan?