The investments in your 401k may be putting your retirement at unnecessary risk.

You DON’T have to roll an old 401k into a new 401k.

There may be better tools available outside of a standard 401k account.

Rolling into an IRA may be a better way to go.

I had a client build a business and contribute to everyone’s favorite, the 401k. We were creating a passive income 💸 plan with some institutionally available investments that weren’t available in his 401k.

He said “man, I wish I could use my old 401k for this, we just sold and I have to roll it into my new 401k.”

This is NOT the case. If you are collecting a “junk drawer” of accounts, full of old 401ks, IRAs, checking accounts, cash under the mattress 🛏 , and pocket full of BTC 💱 , I have found it is often best to roll them into an IRA, rather than a 401k.

But why would your rollover an old 401k into an IRA?

1️⃣ Better investments. You have access to a better selection of traditional investments like stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds.

P.S. Half this video I get on my soap box again 🤦‍♂️ about TARGET DATE FUNDS, I can’t help myself.

2️⃣ More flexibility. Did you know in a self-directed IRA you can invest in real estate, gold coins, or a dog walking business?

3️⃣ Simplicity: Rather than having 23 different log in and password combos 🤮 you have one place to see your finances.

As an example of #1, and the impact it can have, watch below. 👇