It take REAL DIVERSIFICATION to make sure you retire on time.

Bad news I break to those nearing and in retirement ⛴ all the time.

“You have the illusion of “#diversification“, but unfortunately your investments didn’t protect you the way you thought.”

“But I have a 60/40 stock bond portfolio!”

“But my target date fund was supposed to protect me!”

The worst part is not that people lose money they aren’t expecting to.

The worst part is that they lose time with their family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 .

The worst part is they lose peace of mind 😟 .

The worst part is they lose confidence they can retire 💼.

In the video below 👇 I talk about two types of real diversification that I use in my practice to help keep #retirement on track.

1️⃣ Tax Diversification

2️⃣ Asset Class Diversification