All the saving, investing, and best laid plans mean nothing if you cannot work and provide for the future you are building. Wasted dollars paid to hi cost insurance companies is less money that can be invested and grown until no insurance may be needed at all.

The Other Guys

  • Much of the life and disability insurance in America is sold by “captive” agents. These are the big names you recognize from commercials and college bowl game sponsorships (guess where they get the money for those ads…)
  • Typical life insurance just death insurance, and based on your age, health, and company, can cost up to double what a properly brokered policy would. This is a waste of money that could be saved or invested.
  • Most whole or universal life polices can be a huge waste of otherwise usable money that need to be reviewed and compared. New policies are often about half the cost.


  • All PFG agents are completely independent, and have the contracts, skill, and training to broker the lowest cost, most beneficial contracts. They work for our clients, not an insurance company.
  • A comprehensive income insurance policy, coupled with a life insurance policy that provides terminal, chronic, and critical illness coverage, provides for your financial needs if you cannot work because of sickness or disability, and secures your family’s financial future if the worst happens.
  • Disability income and long-term care are statistically the biggest threat to a family’s stability and long term estate concerns, yet are the least shopped for policies in America. Moreover, there are policies that have a guaranteed return of premium, sometimes with interest, if the policy is never exercised.