Whether you are rising through the ranks or run your own business, you wake up every day and use your skills and abilities to provide the life you live and the future you want for you and your family. When a premature death, extended illness, or disability could be catastrophic for your plans it is imperative to have a proper risk management plan to protect against these eventualities. Also, one of the largest unforeseen, and unplanned for events, end of life and long-term care expenses, can eat through a legacy or family business that took a lifetime to build.

While insurance may not be the most exciting topic to talk about we have seen first hand it’s importance. Because independence is our business model we broker the lowest cost insurance with the most benefits that can make a life changing impact in the event you have to use any of the benefits we help you get. Whether it is a monthly paycheck to keep your mortgage paid during a 2 year bout with cancer, or a no-loss long term care policy that is guaranteed to pay back every dime of premiums to your family, we are always working for you, not an insurance company.

We are all about reducing your insurance costs to the minimum to break free that money to use and grow elsewhere. Building wealth and watching account balances increase is fun. Knowing you and your family are taken care of if the worst happens is what lets you sleep at night.

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