Don’t want to lose? Don’t want to miss out, invest in these 3 ways.

Inflation is up (who would have thought dumping another 800B on the economy wouldn’t solve the problem) and we know what the fed will probably do next.

So you are thinking “last time they raised rates my investments tanked, I should sell to cash.”

But then you think “but we’re still down 20%, what if inflation cools and the market takes off to all time highs?”

Standard Wall St is to buy-hold-pray.

I don’t believe your #retirement should rely on wishful thinking, standard Wall St, a miracle from the Fed, or anything else.

Not where there is a way to:

1️⃣ Hedge against loss if the market tanks
2️⃣ Capture the reward of a good market

By removing unnecessary risk from your portfolio with some of the available tools you can have the best of both worlds.