Don’t listen to anyone who says they know what the market will do.

Weird thing of the day to hear from an investment advisor.

I don’t care about money.

I care about the time people are losing as their money slips away.

It’s weeks like this where my “imposters syndrome” goes away and I get motivated to help more people. Conveniently it’s weeks like this where I get the most people asking for help.

I was just talking to a prospective client about his #retirement #financialplan.

He was worried about the market being down for so long. But the other side of the coin is this: DIY investors (and people generally) do NOT like to turn the keys over to someone else when it comes to their money.

“I think I am fine buying and holding the S&P500” he said.

“Cool, the market will probably come back, keep doing that.” I told him.

“Well, how long before it does?” He asked.

“I have no idea, is that why we are having this conversation?” I asked.

As he let his guard down he admitted “yes, I sold all 1.4 million of my retirement assets to cash. I can’t stand losing any more, but I don’t want to miss out if the market recovers.”

This ☝ is why I focus on removing unnecessary risk without giving up the reward. By not doing what Wall St tells me (“tell them to buy and hold, don’t catch a falling knife, trust the institution!”) and actually putting in the work I save my clients the stress of watching their plans, their time, and their peace of mind slip away.

By having investments that both protect from the downside without giving up the upside, my clients can ignore the market and get a full night sleep knowing if the market is down 📉 they are losing less than everyone else and if the recovers 📈 they aren’t going to miss out.