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Public Employees

We Serve the People who Serve

Everyday heroes in this country wake up and put something ahead of themselves.  Educating our children, healing the sick, patrolling the streets.

Public employees have a special set of needs that requires special solutions.

We believe all people deserve the best possible financial planning.

But especially those with the special situation of being public sector employees.

Public employees are some of the few remaining people with unique needs to consider such as:

  • How a public pension fits into an overall financial plan.
  • How to maximize your pension benefits.
  • How to maximize social security and other benefits that come with being a public employee.

Our advisors are committed to putting your interests first, the same way you put the people you help first every day.

Feel free to schedule a quick, no cost, no obligation consultation below.

Pension Maximization

Did you know if you have a 403b you already own an annuity?  If you retire and separate from your employer you have the option to do a non-taxable rollover of your assets.

The question is why would you rollover your 403b?

Sometimes it may make sense to leave your retirement in place.  Sometimes it may make sense to reallocate to potentially achieve:

  1. More control over your money.
  2. More safe growth of your money.
  3. Additional benefits such as long term care benefits added to your account.

The only way to know is to talk to a knowledgeable advisor.

Income for Life

While your 403b or other sponsored pension may provide an annuity payment for life there may be better options.

Often, when you still have time before retirement, it may make sense to roll over your income annuity into a growth annuity.

You can let your account value potentially grow to a larger value which could mean a higher lifetime income later.

The best, independently brokered growth annuities have:

  1. Guarantee no loss of principal.
  2. Market dependent upside potential.
  3. Zero fees.

Later, when you are ready to retire, the account can be rolled back into an income annuity to guarantee income for life.

We believe hard working people deserve to retire with confidence, and live the life they have earned.

Build a strategy with an advisor who understands you and your goals.

*Guarantees provided are based on the financial strength of the issuing company.  Annuities may contain fees if optional riders are selected.  All CPP Advisors are independently contracted to help obtain products from multiple companies.

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