Why I disagree with this “rule of thumb” from Fidelity.

I'll keep this short.

One thing I have seen ruin #investment…
June 24, 2024/by Chris Reid

The investments in your 401k may be putting your retirement at unnecessary risk.

You DON'T have to roll an old 401k into a new 401k.

May 23, 2024/by Chris Reid

What are you doing to protect your financial plan from this big threat?

I get a little "tin-foil hat" sometimes.

BLUF (bottom line…
April 25, 2024/by Chris Reid

AVOID a costly mistake with your money, have your investments reviewed.

Every have a second opinion and a doctor catch something the…
April 25, 2024/by Chris Reid

The secret to MAXIMIZING your retirement income.

Two of the most common questions I get when it comes to financial…
April 4, 2024/by Chris Reid

5 ways and investment manager can add to your bottom line.

When thinking about how a fiduciary can help you in your life…
March 8, 2024/by Chris Reid

!!!High income earners with large stock grants reduce your #taxes!!!

ATTN: High income earners with large stock grants.

One strategy…
February 29, 2024/by Chris Reid

How much does a financial advisor cost is the wrong question.

How much is a financial worth is a better question to ask.

December 14, 2023/by Chris Reid

Want to feel better about your money?

It's not so much that having a #financialplan is such a fantastic,…
November 18, 2023/by Chris Reid

No, 9% passive income isn’t “too good to be true…”

Man, when I tell people they can have over 9% passive income…
November 9, 2023/by Chris Reid

Market timing is a bad idea, but you can “beat the market.”

If you are 55+ years old and nearing or in #retirement...

October 26, 2023/by Chris Reid
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