Benefits of Financial planning

There are a lot of reasons why financial planning is a good use of your time, and maybe skipping the local coffee shop once a week for a while to pay for a professional to help you with some advice. I could go into the weeds about market volatility, modern portfolio theory, and current and future tax environments and projections, but then you’d be right back at the coffee shop trying to wake up.

For me as a financial planner and wealth manager financial planning is all about the technical. If I create a proper tax strategy it may mean half a million dollars to you in retirement. But the real benefit to you, the person reading this blog, has nothing to do with net effective tax rates, or the Sharpe ratio of your asset allocation.

The real benefit of a holistic financial advisor is that we provide peace of mind. We provide an intangible feeling that our clients are taken care of. While there are a lot of advisors out there who do that it has to be said that we are all not the same. I started Capital Partners Group because I am passionate about the technical details, your bottom line, and bringing transparency to this industry. I built Capital so that we only do better when our client’s do better, to ensure we are a team, and ti give you the ultimate peace of mind that we are working on your behalf.

Money is not the most important thing in life, but it does allow you to build and experience the most important things. Time with family, life experiences, and a legacy you leave behind are all things that require proper planning and financial advice, and an advisor you can count on.