AVOID a costly mistake with your money, have your investments reviewed.

Every have a second opinion and a doctor catch something the first one did not?

How important was that?

Sometimes taking bad investments 😒 out of a new client’s portfolio is as important as what I put in…

I recently had a client sign up because I “was the first advisor to buy them dinner who didn’t just try and sell them an annuity.”

Listen, I try and be as charitable as possible to my industry.  Different investment vehicles are complex and most advisors are trying to do the best they can.


I will not soft peddle when it comes to products and advisors who wreck a financial life for their own benefit.

In this case I just made a client who had a seminar “instructor” convince him to cash out his 401k and put the money in a whole life policy.


The taxes…

The fees….

The lost retirement years….


You may think “no way I would let myself be talked into something like that” but I see it every day.  I have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted 💸 because someone was embarrassed and didn’t want to ask for help.  Luckily in this case I was able to rescue this client’s money.

Anyhow, I thought this video might help you avoid a costly mistake 🤢.  If you would like a review of an investment you don’t understand just fill out the below form. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇