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How to Choose a Financial Advisor

    So you’ve decided to find someone to help you with your financial future.  And, like a lot of other things in the internet age, Dr. Google has provided you with a firehose of information and options.  Every Wall St company with deep pockets shows you what you want to see at the top […]

A Different Type Of Portfolio Construction

I bought my first piece of stock when I was 14, with money I earned from my paper route (Trimble Navigation if you are wondering, which has an IRR of around 9.5% CAGR at this point). When I was a 19 year old infantryman in the Marines I had disbursing make automatic payments for half […]

How to keep your 401k from turning into a 201k

As you may have noticed, market volatility came back in a big way in October. Volatility is fantastic, as long as the market keeps climbing towards the clouds. Unfortunately, in this case it was multiple days of over 1% declines in the major indices. While some of my clients want to try and wring every […]

What should I do with my 401k from my previous employer?

Well, let me start this article by eliminating the most popular choice.  You should not leave it with your old employer. Sorry to do it to you, but you’re going to have to bite the bullet and talk about moving your money. Outside of a few specific circumstances for a small subset of the population, […]

What difference can management fees and commissions make?

What if this blog was worth $500,000 in your retirement account? Oh, the difference 1% makes… When I talk to people about the fees in their retirement and investment accounts, I often get a shrug, or something mumbled about how “everyone has to make a living.” That’s an expensive shrug people. In money, there is […]

Is an investment advisor worth the money?

The world is full of specialists, and yet when it comes to one of the biggest things in people’s lives, many people put off, over pay, or do-it-yourself in an area where a small change can make a huge difference. When the bolts stripped from the back of my toilet tank I grabbed my son, […]

Is your financial advisor required to work in your best interest?

    You may have noticed a couple places (like everywhere) on my website I use the word fiduciary. Fiduciary is a word that tends to make people feel good (for good reason) but it pays to really explore what it means, and the difference it can make to a family’s financial picture. Fiduciary means […]

What is Investment Management

When I ask people how they are invested most will reply that they took a risk tolerance test, and “their guy” bought them some mix of stocks and bonds. Almost all take pride in telling me they are “well diversified.” I consider wealth management to be a strategic deployment of peoples’ assets across as many […]

Benefits of Financial planning

There are a lot of reasons why financial planning is a good use of your time, and maybe skipping the local coffee shop once a week for a while to pay for a professional to help you with some advice. I could go into the weeds about market volatility, modern portfolio theory, and current and […]

What is Financial Planning

People often find themselves in unexpected circumstances that require financial advice. Everything from a young couple budgeting and deciding to buy a car, to an unexpected windfall transferring wealth that a client never imagined. Whether the decision is large or small, a piece of good advice can make all the difference in the world. Because […]