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The secret to MAXIMIZING your retirement income.

Two of the most common questions I get when it comes to financial planning is… When can I retire, and how much income will I have in retirement? The honest answer to those questions is…it depends. There is really two components to figuring out the answers to these questions. 1️⃣How much money will you have? […]

5 ways and investment manager can add to your bottom line.

When thinking about how a fiduciary can help you in your life a lot of people think it is about money. While we do have a rule here at my firm, namely, our clients do better with us than without us, at the end of the day every client tells me it is the peace of […]

!!!High income earners with large stock grants reduce your #taxes!!!

ATTN: High income earners with large stock grants. One strategy to reduce your overall taxes ⏬ and avoid concentration risk is tax loss harvesting. I did a portfolio review with a client who works at a local tech company who wanted help balancing 🧘‍♂️ his portfolio. He was in the following position: 1️⃣ Annual income: […]

How much does a financial advisor cost is the wrong question.

How much is a financial worth is a better question to ask. I just helped a client with his retirement from King County. Great guy, a DIY investor, and at the end, when it was time to move his money, he kind of sighed and said “man, this is going to cost me $10,000 per […]

Want to feel better about your money?

It’s not so much that having a #financialplan is such a fantastic, life altering thing. Its that having uncertainty about money makes us have less confidence in the things we want to do. It makes us think about money when we should be watching our kids. The #1 thing that starts my process is a 🗒 WRITTEN […]

No, 9% passive income isn’t “too good to be true…”

Man, when I tell people they can have over 9% passive income with some decent safety, I get my feet held to the fire.   I won’t say the words “too good to be true” were thrown around, but they kind of were.   I recently was talking with some folks who had their retirement […]

Market timing is a bad idea, but you can “beat the market.”

If you are 55+ years old and nearing or in #retirement… With the market a blood bath 🔻 🤮 again for this week, I thought it a good time to poke Wall St in the eye by addressing one of the biggest reasons I have seen people lose money. Unquestionably WORSE: The TIME⌛ AND PEACE […]

Don’t listen to anyone who says they know what the market will do.

Weird thing of the day to hear from an investment advisor. I don’t care about money. I care about the time people are losing as their money slips away. It’s weeks like this where my “imposters syndrome” goes away and I get motivated to help more people. Conveniently it’s weeks like this where I get […]

It take REAL DIVERSIFICATION to make sure you retire on time.

Bad news I break to those nearing and in retirement ⛴ all the time. “You have the illusion of “#diversification“, but unfortunately your investments didn’t protect you the way you thought.” “But I have a 60/40 stock bond portfolio!” “But my target date fund was supposed to protect me!” The worst part is not that […]

The best investments both protect and grow.

With the FED holding rates high to try and drop inflation, and the DOW at a net loss for the year, things are uncertain. In all my financial plans I often recommend things 95% of people aren’t familiar with. This is because 95% of financial planning is run by Wall St, who wants to convince […]