Chris Reid and his team at Capital Partners Group specialize in taking a holistic approach to your financial well being.  At Capital we value our long-term client relationships, but we know we only earn them with honest, consistent results. 

At Capital our belief is that money is only a tool; a tool that provides the ability to build family memories, quality of life, and ultimately piece of mind.  If there is a strategy, product, or alternate investment that would drive your total portfolio, we take pride in providing evidence based, pro-client advice, even if assets leave our firm.  If you are happy, we are happy. 

Our Principal Chris Reid, graduated from Issaquah High School and immediately joined an active duty Marine Corps Infantry Battalion.  After multiple trips overseas Chris returned to the northwest where he graduated with honors from Gonzaga University.  Directly out of college Chris was hired and worked as a patrolman with the Everett, WA Police Dept.  After moving into financial services, Chris pursued and was awarded his Chartered Financial Consultant® designation.  This is an advanced financial designation that integrates financial planning, investments, insurance, estate considerations, education planning, and other advanced market considerations. 

What makes Capital Partners Group stand out: 

We know everyone wants your business. We know everyone wants to convince you they’re different. The fact is that, according to Fidelity Institutional Asset Management, only 10% of money managers in the US are fee-only investment advisors working solely as a fiduciary. That means 90% of advisors may make some kind of commission for buying and selling products, and you may be paying high fees on top of a portion of your assets. At Capital, as strict fiduciaries, we have one goal; to use the lowest fee investment products to increase your bottom line.