5 ways and investment manager can add to your bottom line.

When thinking about how a fiduciary can help you in your life a lot of people think it is about money.

While we do have a rule here at my firm, namely, our clients do better with us than without us, at the end of the day every client tells me it is the peace of mind that makes the biggest difference in their life.

One client said “if the money ain’t right, nothing is right”.

Fiduciary financial planners are actually pretty rare.  Here in the Sammamish area (Issaquah, Bellevue, North Bend, Snoqualmie, Maple Valley) there are surprisingly few.

Once you find someone you can trust with your financial life (in my process, we use DPT, Diagnose where you are, Plan for where you want to be, Treat your finances with the right tools) the final step is to let that financial planner get you invested the right way.

This investment management is like the medicine a doctor prescribes you you are sick.  If you don’t take the medicine, you don’t get better.

For example.  When a client says “I would like passive income when I retire” I may prescribe an investment that pays a 9% dividend.  This passive income then solves my client’s pain point of needing to replace their earned income.

Note, I do NOT consider buying a “well diversified basket of mutual funds” investment management.  I tell every client, if that is what you want, I will help you set it up on your own, don’t pay someone to do that.